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Who I Am As An Artist

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, I'm Holly. An illustrator and designer from Brighton.

My hobbies include Golf, photography and walking my Dog Bailey.

Bailey and I on a walk to the Windmill

Early Memories

My passion for art began by creating pencil drawings, when I was about 7 or 8. The earliest memory I have of this, is sitting with my Grandad at the dinning table and drawing animals from newspaper clippings. My Grandad liked to collect interesting newspaper articles and always saved the ones about animals for me. He always encouraged me to draw and I'll always be very grateful for him starting me on my artistic journey.


I began to take Art more seriously at secondary school, choosing to study it alongside Graphic Design for my GCSE's. Which is a trend I continued at A Level. Like many young people, my ideas of what I wanted to do when I grew up kept changing. First I wanted to be a vet, then an architect, then a golfer, then I wanted to do something in art. I decided to do an Art Foundation course, where I discovered the possibilities Illustration could hold. This helped me decide my next steps, I chose to study BA(Hons) Illustration at Solent University. Which was an amazing 3 years, where I learnt so much about myself, my art and made life-long friends.

My Artistic Style

My art always seems to come back to the natural world or animals. So whilst at University, I decided to see where I could take these subjects. I began to develop a narrative element within my work. Creating numerous books exploring the natural world and the way humans treat it, the books became a contrast of fact and natural beauty. Since leaving University, I've begun to explore this connection further by incorporating people into my landscapes (I'm not the best at drawing people so this is a work in progress). I hope to continue creating narratives which have contrast like this and also ones for the viewer to start asking questions.

My Dog, Bailey and I

Future Blogs

By creating a monthly blog I want to create a sense of community, where ideas can be shared and the development of art encouraged.

I will keep you updated as my art develops, sharing tips, events, shop updates and what's going on in my day to day life.

Until next time

Thanks for reading

Holly x



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