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Hello, I'm Holly


 An illustrator and designer, based in Brighton. After studying Illustration at Solent University in Southampton for three years, I graduated with First Class Honours.

Now, I'm beginning my journey to become a full time illustrator. 

My inspiration comes from the natural world, it's wildlife and intricate details, my work showcases it's beauty and subtlety. I enjoy working in various mediums, from pencils and pens to inks and watercolours, sometimes combining mediums to capture a subject's detail and atmosphere. More recently I've begun to work digitally, merging my love of drawing with technology.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a project, please contact me at


2017- 2018 Foundation Diploma, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Distinction

2019- 2022 BA(Hons) Illustration, Solent University, First Class Honours Degree

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