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Coral Reefs

This book was created during my Art Foundation Degree in 2018. Inspired by the ever changing climate, I wanted to explore the impact on our oceans. I was able to communicate our ocean's beauty through ink paintings, whilst highlighting the facts of what we could lose if the climate's condition continues to decline.

A Woodland Friendship

For this project I created a book cover and a few page spreads based on a spell performed by the Witches in Shakespeare's 'MacBeth'. From this powerful piece of writing I was able to create a narrative for a book, about friendship and sticking together. This was a fun and challenging project to work on at university. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Reimagined

Another university project saw me create a different version of the classic 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. The focus was on the way Sir John Tenniel created his imagery and which techniques were used at the time. 
To compliment my written findings I recreated some of the classic illustrations, referencing Tenniel's style and techniques to better understand his methods.

Isabelle's Conservation Journey