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Original artworks, 1) Fawn smelling the flowers in the meadow, 2) Sleepy Fawns amongst flowers, 3) Bunny Love, mum and baby nuzzling, surrounded by a meadow of flowers, 4) Dog hiding amongst Autumn leaves, 5) Dog watching the Autumn leaves falling around it, 6) Foxes in snow, a Vixen and Dog Fox nuzzling in the snow, 7) Jumping Fox, a Fox jumps in the air ready to pounce into the snow to find food, 8) Deer in Snow, a deer comforts her Fawn as they experience the first snow fall, 9) Robin at Christmas, a Robin in flight carrying a bauble to add to the Christmas Tree, 10) Spring Lamb, a newborn Lamb surrounded by Daffodils and other wild flowers.

Coaster Dimensions: 10 x 10cm. Wooden cork-backed coasters, made in the UK. Sustainably-sourced wood with non-stick cork base. Packaged using tissue paper.

Illustrated Coasters

  • Returns/ refunds will not be given. If your product has been damaged or any other issues have occurred, please contact me directly for a replacement.

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